Finally, new blog posts!
I have been up to my eyeballs in work this last month – between the bridal show, shooting and booking new clients, I’ve scarcely had time to breath (and have a look at the time I make this blog post and then consider that I’ve been working since 7am this morning :p).

Jana and Colin came aaaaaall the way from Winnipeg in Canada for their wedding at Bali Hai in Las Vegas and it was a real pleasure working with them.  “Sarah bring me some flashes” was my most used term the entire day – it was our first wedding of 2012 and within minutes it became very special to me.  Colin had a dvd of a movie I hadn’t seen in years – it was called “The Wood”, with Omar Epps and some less important guys that aren’t nearly as cool as Omar Epps.

I don’t even remember if the movie was any good, but I remember watching it with my wife at least ten years ago and really enjoying the heck out of it – ‘buddy’ type flicks always get to me.

What also gets to me is real emotion and there was a lot of it on this shoot.  I never feel as though I have to rewrite the book on wedding photography in order to have a great session – being sincere and seeing people in love that are able to laugh and cry together is more rewarding to me than anything.  For the love of all, laugh and cry during your wedding photography shoot.  Preferably at the same time – no really, do it.

Bali Hai is always awesome to shoot at; their staff is literally the kindest people I have ever worked with and the food is so good that you’d think it was passed down from the halls of Valhalla.  Their ceremony was at night and as I had never shot at Bali Hair at night, I took a few minutes before the ceremony to set up some off camera flash.

The long hall in Cili restaurant at Bali Hai is *very* long.  This was a short ceremony, so rather than move in close and then run out of the way as the couple walked down (and risk a prat fall on those beautiful rose petals), we both took most of our shots It’s one of those rooms where if we tried to use the flash on our cameras alone, it would look horrible with ugly shadows and not much fill, so we employed one of the most complicated lighting setups I’ver ever used for a ceremony.  Yes, I am still a lighting freak.  Sarah and I used a total of five lights for the ceremony – two in the rear on tall light stands, one closer to the front for more contrast and Sarah and I both had flashes on our camera as well.

During the reception, Elvis was just hilarious.  Look, we’re from the midwest and whenever I see Elvisses (Elvii?) we’re roaring with laughter.  It’s goofy, but Vegas is a goofy town and it’s such a huge ice breaker during a reception that puts everyone in a great mood.

Loved it all – we’ve got two or three more Bali Hai weddings already booked for 2012 and I’m looking forward to shooting there again!

Okay, lot of blog posts coming up.  While I never have time to blog about *every* shoot, I’m having a lot of fun writing these tonight.  I guess you could say I’m in a ‘quirky’ mood tonight – in a great mood for no other reason than to be in a great mood :)


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