I not only admire Clayton and Lisa's devotion to each other (if you ever saw them together, there is absolutely NO doubt that these two are in love!), but I really admire how cool they both remain in the face of adversity.  It had been a while since I had shot a wedding photography session down on Fremont Street on the weekend at night and so even I was a little shocked at how absolutely drunk and wild and drunk and….drunk…tourists could get. 

Throughout incident after hilariously drunk tourist incident (there was even a moment in which a Packers fan began removing articles of clothing and displaying his…I believe the vernacular is 'Moobs'), these two kept their lids on and focused on each other as if there was nobody else in the world.  I loved every darn minute of it!

Later on, we took some shots at their suite wedding reception and even with dozens of people around, it was like they were all window dressing – their focus and love were absolutely bullet driven on each other.  That night after we got home, Sarah slaps me on the chest and says "why aren't YOU that romantic?"  Seriously grooms, you're really starting to show me up here :p

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